Hagía Sophía 
The Greek Orthodox Church that was built in Constantinople in the 6th century (537). Hagía Sophía was the center of the religious, political, and artistic life for the Byzantine world. It is a remarkable building that is admired even today for its unique structure. In 1453 Constantinople was conquest by the Ottoman Empire were they changed it into a mosque and then into a museum and recently, in 2020 again into a mosque which broke every Greek Orthodox’s heart.
Hagía Sophía remains to be a significant part of the Greek Orthodox religion and will always be. 
To commemorate this significant aspect of our culture, for the first time in history, the Greek company Young & Blur together with a Greek designing company will produce a limited edition souvenir building replica of the original Hagía Sophía Greek Orthodox Church for everyone to have in their homes.  In the back it’s says the known saying “Πάλι με χρόνια με καιρούς, πάλι δικά μας θα ναι" which translates to "Again with years and seasons, they will be ours again" meaning that the day that Hagía Sofia will be a Greek Orthodox Church again will come!

Double side, 90x80mm

Hagia Sophia Replica